When Guy is Away

What happens back home when I am away? My first hope is that all of you are praying for Chris, and if you are local friends, helping her out!  My other hope when traveling in the spring is that the snow falls and then melts to get it out of the way before I come back. After over 15 years living in the tropics I say, “I am so done with snow!” The ICC trip in April kept to these “rules” with several snow events. Chris was not impressed.

Where is James when you need him to shovel? In Georgia or Tennessee. Much too far to call home for a little work.

Also, when “dad” is gone there is a lot of moping around by certain parties, no one to rough house with:

Of course when dad gets back those same parties take a while to forgive for the long absence.

Going on the trip is the easy part. With all the focused, intense work there isn’t much time or energy left to miss anything at the end of the day and the jet lag induced “fall asleep at 8pm whether you like it or not” state helps too. For Chris at home it’s very different. The routine of life makes the time pass slowly and the trip seem extra long. She is the one who really makes the sacrifice.

I have two sayings about marriage, “it’s best to marry a saint”, and “it’s better to be lucky than smart.” We didn’t get married almost 34 years ago because we wanted to spend time apart. For ordinary purposes the travel schedule would be too much, but for a season, for the Lord Jesus, its a sacrifice we can make.

And it’s very nice to be back home.

4 thoughts on “When Guy is Away

  1. So good to read all about Guy’s travels. I’m excited about all the people who are hearing the gospel through all the radio broadcasts. Chris, you are a real saint. I know you mess Guy in all that is going on. Hope you are well.


  2. Thanks for your faithful updates. It seems so long ago that we knew you at Grace Church, but through your newsletters you’re still near. I lift you prayer and love to see God’s work through you.


  3. I am in Atlanta and would love to have a copy of you schedule so I may see you again. My good friend,Clarice Richardson introduced me to you She has been in Heaven several years now. Sincerely, Margo


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